Event description

Begun in October of 2004, the Shaving Collectibles Meeting celebrates its 13th anniversary on October 22-23 this year.

This gathering is for collectors of shaving memorabilia, whether they have been collecting for many years or are very new to the hobby. The meeting is not intended for those who just wish to casually stop by to make a purchase and leave, as is similar to attending a traditional antique show. Even though there will not be any new shaving items for sale or on display, there will certainly be a great number of vintage and antique items displayed and for purchase; many of them being shave ready, such as Gillette safety razors and a wide assortment of straight razors. The meeting will have several short presentations, door prizes, and ample time to visit with, and learn from, seasoned collectors.


Details of the meeting, including registration information, are available at the razor meeting website: http://www.razormeeting.com/