Event description

Time to book that epic “Shave-cation” people!

Join us this June 30th for our 4th Annual Big Shave Event, The Big Shave East…Truly, a Traditional Shave Festival!

-Live Demos
-Your Favorite Artisans & Vendors Onsite
-Onsite Vending
-Panel Discussions
-Live Wet Shave Entertainment
-Free Barber Shaves
-Free Admission/Discount Hotel Rates
-Swag Bags & Official Products
-and Soooooo Much More!

We are happy to announce it’s official, The Big Shave East will be held at The Universal Palms Hotel this June 30, 2018. This place seems like the perfect location for our all day shave festival and only 10 minutes away from the beach!

If you have never attended a Big Shave Event, Look out! Not only will we have your favorite artisans, vendors and online personalities on the scene, we will also have live demos going throughout the day. This is one thing that really sets our event apart from most meet ups…a real peek behind the curtain!

We will also have live panel discussions and different forms of wet shaving entertainment happening throughout the day. The panel discussions are always lively and interesting to watch and participate in as audience members…fun, educational and highly entertaining!

This year is sure to be memorable and something you’re not gonna want to miss, please hit us up with the contact form if you have any questions. If you are planning to attend, please check out our hotel deal below!

Get Proactive!

If you’d like to help, reach out to your favorite vendor or artisan and tell them you’d like to see them there! While we did compile a list of about 200 artisans and vendors I am certain we missed a few…and that’s where you come in. Be sure to give them this website so that they may get in direct contact with us!

http://bigshaveeast.com [visit our site for more info!]