How do I have my meetup photos displayed on Shave Meet Up.

We have a page set up Photo Submittal that will walk you through what to do.

What is a wet shave meet up?

A wet shave meet up is like any other special interest meet. People get together to talk about wet shaving; safety razors, straight razors, soaps, brushes, etc. Often there are artisans from the community that will also attend and may demo, sometimes sell, but more often simply pass out some samples, answer questions and just hang out.
Door prizes and raffles are also a big part of a meet up. Typically Meet Ups are held in restaurants or bars in reserved rooms or at reserved tables, but anywhere that can fit and host a meet will do.

What if there are no Meet Ups near me?

Well, you have a couple options. You can always travel to get to a meet. You would be surprised how many folks do! That said, inquire where is a good place for out of towners to stay with the organizer if this info has not been provided. Often a Meet is “unofficially” more than just one day, especially when it’s a larger meet. This means, you and your shave buds can spend time checking out the local “must sees” and “what nots” before the event!
The second option, if travel isn’t possible…throw your own event!

How do I organize a Wet Shaving Meet Up?

It’s actually much easier than most folks believe. In fact, most folks over complicate it!
1) Create a Facebook page for your event or state. Then invite your friends to join the group, encourage them to invite their friends. Build interest with an initial post asking “who’s interested in a meet up?”. Pin this to the top of the page and maybe add some eye catching image to the post as well.

2) As interest grows set a date then ask for a “head count” of who will attend from your budding group. Next, call around and see which restaurant/bar/brewery/etc can host this. Most of the time you can reserve tables for free, especially when you tell them the size of the group you will bring. Be sure to explain to the “host” what to expect; raffles,door prizes, etc. Often knowing this ahead will make them set your party off in another room.

3) Once a date is set and the location is booked start to create buzz about your event! Post not only on your groups Facebook page but also other wet shaving pages and forums! Also be sure to hit up our group http://wetshavingmeetups.com and of course here too!

4) With the date set and buzz building you can now reach out to artisans and vendors within the wet shaving community. Some will want to attend and pass out samples or contribute, while others won’t be able to…but still ask them if they would be interested in sending out some “swag” for raffles and door prizes!

5) You may also want a special soap created to commemorate the event or possibly a t-shirt. All this should be discussed in your group before you proceed.

6) DAY OF EVENT. Arrive about 45 minutes to prep the staff and set up! If you have samples from artisans or artisans and vendors attending too, ask them to come early too in order to set up. Create a display table or two with products for the giveaway, demos, shave gear to check out, etc.

7) Relax, have a drink and enjoy the ride…you deserve it!

How to run a raffle or door prize?

Super simple, I recommend you buy a spool of tickets from online or a local office store and simply pass out the numbered tickets to folks as they arrive. Put the duplicate tix in a hat and draw them at some point during the event. If you wish not to purchase tickets, make your own, meaning: just draw names of the attendees from a hat.
Get creative too. You could also play games; wet shaving trivia, pictionary, etc. No matter what you do a fun time is guaranteed!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us here!