Ongoing status


Added Douglas Smythe to “editor” level account.  Added photo gallery page, added footer menu with “disclaimer” page “about” page and “what is wets having” link.  Added chicago event


Added photo sliders, created google doc shared folder with D.S. for photo gallery


Officially Launched Site today.


Added other Kansas City Meet Up to page. Happening 3/5

*Note*  If you add a “Closed” facebook group URL to the social tab, it only displays an error.  I have just been leaving a note in the main description box with a link to the FB group o people can apply.

-Updated Big Shave West; added more info


-Problem:  Testing Fb page types for what works.  Built in functionality will display a normal “page”.

However I cannot get it to display a:

  1. “personal” page
  2. closed group without access
  3. closed group with access
  4. or an open group

Further digging shows that Facebook only allows “Pages” to work with these plugins.  Groups and personal profiles to no qualify.

Resolution:  Put some text and a link in the description block and add a note in the FAQ and Meet Up Submittal page.

-Added a “To Do” Page to track things like the issue above

-Fixed Kansas City meet facebook issues by placing a link in description box

-Fixed Richmond Kentucky facebook issue by placing a link in description box

-Turned off the “United States” Search category.  Kept “State” and “All Wet Shaving” categories.  Did NOT help with clipping issues.


2/26/16:  Picked up Gravity Forms and started building a form out for the submit page.

3/4/16:  New “Submit Meet” page form is up.

-Optimized all site images “Lossy”

3/5/16 Updated Feature Page

3/6/16 Update submit meetup form


3/19/16:  Added featured images for photo submittal and meet up submittal.  Updated events based on dates.  TBSW set to featured.

3/23/16:  Added Shave by Shave West photos