To Do tracking

List of things to do and status

  1.  Facebook page display issues:  “Invalid URL error”
    1. Will only display a page, not groups or profiles.  This is FB issue, not WP issue.  Fixed current meets asof 2/23/16
    2. Add note to FAQ and meet up submit about pages vs groups
  2.  FAQ: Polishing
    1. “Cleaner” look plugin
    2. Expand, See problem #1.1
  3. “Show Related Events” at bottom of individual meet up is showing clipping
    1. Think it might have something to do with the number of categories tagged/displayed in such a small space.  Need to drop a ticket.
      1. (2/23/16) Tried only having two categories display (turned off “United States”) did NOT help with clipping.
    2. Can turn this off if need be
      1. Turned off until more data gathered